Important Update About New Chapters

Dear Readers,

I hope you have been enjoying the new novel I have been posting these past couple of weeks, Parallel Worlds. I plan to finish posting all of the chapters by mid-December, but with an important difference: beyond Chapter Six, I will no longer be doing heavy revisions; the chapters will be the near exclusive work of my mum, Heather Noell, and as such, I must relinquish my claim to the 'co-author' credit on her work.

The reason for this is that Heather felt that her 'voice' was no longer coming through the story, and so she could no longer justify financially supporting me to write it. Which is fine, of course, and brings me to...

New Fallout 101 Chapters:
Come mid to late December, as soon as I am done posting Parallel Worlds, I plan to resume with updating chapters of Fallout 101. I am going to start writing them immediately, which should give me a good backlog to go off of when December rolls around. (Yes, I have learned from my mistakes.)

I am also going to post a few journals and things of the like, so please look forward to all of that as well. One thing in particular that I am planning is a kind of a comprehensive look at the writing process, detailing the whole of my experience thus far with this book in what I hope to be a cohesive, clarifying, and helpful manner, condensing old information and new understanding into a single concise post.

Thanks for reading!

Andrew Macauley

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