Notes about this week's update

Dear Readers,

I know that reading Fallout 101 has been a bit of a rocky and unpredictable process. I am working hard to bring you the updates on time, as promised, and I hope you have been enjoying the occasional journal or essay that I have posted when able. I apologize if they're not as interesting as they could be.

This past week, I have been doing my best to balance working a new, full-time job with continuing to write Fallout 101; and, on top of that, I have been getting used to life in a new city. I hope my experience in time-management here will be valuable to some of you once I get a hang of things. It seems to me that having a full schedule during the day is an important aspect of understanding why many desirous authors are unable to write their novels, and I wish to find how it can be done in a fun and fulfilling manner. (On the other side of this, I am doing what I can to be able to write the novel full time, or at least part time. Hopefully, something will work out.)

If you have any requests for non-chapter content, please submit them here at the website, or to my email:

Sometimes, it is easier to become inspired about a new, short-term project than it is to get the inspiration train rolling again with a full novel, once the momentum has stopped; this is probably due to the fact that for every chapter of Fallout 101 I post, there are a significant amount of back-story, story-to-come, and other such details that must be considered, drawing out the process a great deal.

Finally, I feel confident in saying that Chapter XIV will be ready by next Sunday. Possibly earlier, but Sunday for sure.

Thank you for reading!


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