Fallout 101 chapters will continue; sorry about the confusion.

Yesterday, I posted that the chapter updates would be on temporary hiatus while I worked on short stories instead. I apologize for the confusion, as a few of you seemed to feel that I would stop working on Fallout 101 entirely. That is certainly not the case, and I now plan to resume updating with new chapters as soon as possible.

(Important Note: If you would like to continue reading Fallout 101, but are tired of the inconsistent updates, please send me an email at andrew.macauley@live.com and I will inform you once I have posted at least two or three new chapters, or however many you specify.)

My only intention with yesterday's announcement was to do right by my readers. I feel that I am doing you all a disservice in not being able to guarantee a chapter each week and actually stick to it, and my hope was that by switching my focus to short story writing (which is, admittedly, much less time consuming), I would be able to use my spare time to create a backlog of new chapters, thus allowing me to give you updates more reliably.

Earlier today, I posted an update that I feel did not convey my intentions sufficiently, but for those of you who didn't read it, I want you all to know that this project is a labor of love for me. I don't make much money writing, and as such this book/blog is pretty much on par with having a fulltime job that provides no income. However, I was impressed by how passionate some of you were about yesterday's announcement, whether that came out in disappointment or in anger, and it helped me to understand that this book is more important to some of you than just a weekly distraction. And as such, I will work my very hardest to make the time to bring you the chapters you deserve. There is a lot of exciting stuff coming up in the novel, I believe, so hopefully I am able to reward your patience and your good will with excitement, intrigue, and finally some answers to the questions that have been posed.

Thanks for reading,

Andrew Macauley

p.s. if you'd like, I highly encourage leaving comments on the fallout101.com website, letting me know that you love/hate the story, and that sort of thing. I have gotten some very nice feedback up to this point, but I'd like to invite all of you to share your thoughts on the story so far.

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Will said...

Thanks for clearing things up Andrew, I was one of the people who voiced my opinion to you about giving up on Fallout 101. I hope to hear from you soon about new chapters!
Take Care, Will