So about This Week's Update...

Dear Readers,

I realize I haven't been terribly consistent with my chapter updates of late. In summary, I feel that this is just a part of the writing process; something upsetting at first, but necessary. 

For now, I have decided not to place a specific day or date on new chapters: they will be uploaded when they are ready. (And as such, Chapter XI will be uploaded later this week.) In all likelihood, that will be once a week or once every other week, with some new content updated in between. Hopefully, this means that the chapters will be closer to my intent for them, rather than just uploaded because they had to be.

Good news though: for those of you who are interested in my writing process, see my latest "author's journal" post (now with less whingeing and general stodginess), titled "Notes on the Writing Process." For Kindle users, it should be the post just after this one.

As well, I am starting a new kind of story-related post, the first of which will be uploaded this wednesday. It is based on excerpts from a citizen's journal, and should hopefully provide some enjoyable insight into the world from the perspective of a more common person.

All the best,

Andrew Macauley

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Anonymous said...

great. i love reading this. i am a faithful reader.... it's fun and i something know about writing and creativity so i think it was probably brave of you to start this project and i am glad you did! karen perry