Notes about new format (again)

Firstly, I would like to apologize for having missed my Sunday update. Like I said in an earlier post, I have great difficulty accessing the internet at my current home. And while I wanted to update today, I left my flash drive with the new chapter at home! So sorry about that. (I know, unprofessional, I apologize).

What this means is that the new update will be available on Wednesday, March 4th. After that, I will have a reliable connection to the internet and everything will be all sunshine and roses once again. As well, chapter IX will still be posted Sunday, March 7th, on the original update schedule.

Now, about the once-more redone format...

On the advice of my readers (well, one in specific--thanks Holly!) I have again changed the layout in an effort to simplify the reading process.

The most recent chapter will be posted at the top of your articles list.

Following that, you will find the chapters in their proper reading order! Finally, simplicity.

After the chapters (Currently, prologue through chapter VI; or, all of the chapters I have written, for those of you worried that you might be missing anything), you will find a few ancillary posts, unrelated to the Fallout 101 storyline, and then the rest should be "Placeholder posts;" contentless posts included to reduce confusion.

Thanks for reading everyone, and I hope these changes make your experience with Fallout 101 more enjoyable.

-Andrew Macauley

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