New Kindle Readers Start Here

Hello! Thank you for your interest in Fallout 101 on Kindle. Here is how to read the novel:

-To start, bring up your articles list and navigate to the post titled "Prologue and Chapter I: The Moon." All chapters except for the most recent are in order, meaning that there should be no issue navigating from one chapter to the next. (Note: As there has been some confusion about this, Interlude Part I and Interlude Part II occur between chapters III and IV.)

-When you have finished with the old chapters, the most recently updated chapter will appear as one of the top three posts.

-New chapters are uploaded as I am able. (I am aiming for at least once every two weeks).

*added note* : Recently, I have been condensing chapters two at a time in order to allow for space for new content, which is why you will see Chapters II and III paired together, as well as Interlude parts I and II, and so on. Please let me know if there are any issues reading these on your Kindle by contacting me at or through this website at

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