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I would like to apologize for my later-than-usual update today, as I am currently living in a place without internet access (or a phone, for that matter. I have to make calls from a large mountain of rocks behind my house!). Soon, I will have a reliable connection, but next Sunday's update may occur as late as Wednesday, March 4th.

As well, I rearranged the chapters/updates again for readability, and added in some "blank posts" that will be filled in later, so that's what that is.

Finally, if anyone in the Prescott, Arizona (before march 4th) or Salt Lake City, Utah (after March 4th), wants to show me how my book works on a Kindle, I'd love to arrange something so I can get this site working as well as possible for you. (Please contact me either here at the website with an email address, or email me at

Thanks for your support,

Andrew Macauley

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