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Thank you for trying out Fallout 101.

Currently, there seems to be an issue with Chapter II that is making the contained text abnormally large, and is causing the chapter title to read incorrectly on Kindle (it should read "her body was a work of art," not "her was a work of art").

The original title of the chapter included the "< >" signs around the word "body". This, while more appropriate to the content, has been causing issues on both the fallout101.com website and the Kindle itself, due to it being read as html code rather than text.

Hopefully this problem has been remedied by way of this post. If not, I shall continue to work on it!

Thank you for your support, and I hope you enjoy the first few chapters of Fallout 101.

(p.s. I just deleted another version of this same post that also, humorously enough, displayed the same issue that I had earlier. So if you see two of these that's why.)

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