Note to Kindle Users

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As you may have noticed, I recently re-uploaded Chapters I - III and Prologue and Interlude pt. I. The reason for this is that I wanted the chapters to be in order (on the Kindle) to reduce confusion, and to take up a smaller number of entries (as I believe the Kindle will only show the last 15 updates).

In the future, I will simply be posting one version of each chapter (broken up into individual pages) that will be readable on both the Kindle and on, allowing access to about 2 weeks worth of back-content on the Kindle. As well, you can use the Kindle web browser to look at chapters that are no longer included in the .mobi file that Amazon sends you.

If you are reading this website from your computer, on the other hand, clicking on "Table of Contents" will still take you to the original chapter versions that are broken up into individual "pages" for more manageable reading.

Thank you for your support.

-The Management

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