II: Her Body Was a Work of Art

Chapter II

Heartbeat. Lungs tighten. Heartbeat. Spine tremors. The light is gone.

A high pitched buzz lashed at his eardrums violently.

Ears break.

The pain was intolerable.

He might have been screaming. His throat joined the chorus of body parts crying with pain.

Catch balance. Body falls. Doesn’t stop.

The pitch of the noise shifted up and down sickeningly. His stomach churned.

Where is the light?


Ringing darkness. Body curled, hands over head. Is it over?

He lay still, heart throbbing. The golden light seemed so far away.

Pushing his hands into the grime-covered floor, he knelt in the pitch, head bobbing side to side listlessly. Not a single thing glowed in the darkness. He might as well have had his eyes closed.

“Tell me you don’t know,” her voice was difficult to distinguish from the high pitched ringing in his ears.

His gut clenched tightly. He felt queasy as he answered, “What? Know what?”

Again, the sound.

“Aaaaagh!!” This time he was sure he screamed.

It cut out.

“Who I am…” She spoke quietly.

A heavy dread sank over him, and he slid his hands down behind his neck. She’s going to kill me.

I need a way out... I have to go back…

He dropped to his elbows and felt around for the opening woozily, bits of glass biting into his skin. Damn it.

“Don’t you care? Don’t you feel anything? At all?” Her voice was mournful, pleading. “Have you ever felt anything?”

He stopped.

“Tell me you don’t know… who I am.” Her words replayed in his mind.

"The truth will come out," she said.

The truth... what truth?

"What truth?" he asked.

No reply.

What am I missing...

Her voice trembled softly in the black.


It wasn’t a language he had ever heard before, but on a deeper level he recognized it; elegant sorrow swirling in a pool of darkness.

He sat quietly, searching for an answer. The truth... After some time, her voice shifted and radiant lyrics emerged, intelligible.

“My life began in the heat
Of a summer years ago.
You woke me from a dream,
And seemed to love me so.

In Fall the colors changed
To dark and muted hues,
You said you were the same,
I knew it wasn’t true.

In Winter, blowing snows,
Your heart grew cold as ice.
I felt your love no more,
And my eyes streamed fire.

In Spring I watched you go,
Beneath dark skies and rain,
If only I could show
You needed me again.

With Summer wispy sands
Brought us round full circle.
I was now where you began,
Your life was in my hands.

She paused briefly, humming an interlude. A chill ran up his spine; somehow, her words made sense. My life was in her hands…

How sad was I to realize,
You weren’t the man I knew.

You didn’t remember who I was,
Or what I’d been before.
‘Save me,’ you said, ‘because
That’s what I made you for’.

Then as you grew close to death
Skin took soft and gentle tone,
You couldn’t open your eyes and see,
You just opened your mouth and spoke,

‘Closer, closer, listen, my dear,
I have seen the other side,
God knows why I’m still here.
If I move towards the light,
Then bring me back to life,
You’re the only hope for me
In this dark and empty dream.’

After that I waited,
Ten cold and lonely years,
Then, again, when you awoke
You tried to leave me here.

“Ah la la la fah lah lah lah, fah la lala la lahh,” she sang meanderingly, drifting back to her own language, full of sorrow.

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