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Dear Readers,

This post is to let you know exactly what is going on with this blog, and what the update schedule is for this month.

Here's the quick and dirty run down:

1.) What I am doing, content-wise, for Fallout 101's Kindle Readers during November

--> I am posting chapters of a new Novel called Parallel Worlds three times a week. This book will be updated Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

----> Parallel Worlds, is a joint project between author Heather Noell (who is my mother) and myself. Heather/Mom has graciously helped keep me from having to sell myself on the streets by paying me to co-author her novel, and is allowing me to post it here so that you folks will have something to read.

------> In addition, Parallel Worlds is being made available at my mother's website,, in audiobook format at the following location:

2.) When the new book will be available; and whether or not it will effect the existing posts

--> Chapters will be available starting tomorrow evening. And, as many of my journals, etc., have been consolidated into single posts, I have plenty of room to provide these new chapters (in what will hopefully be an intuitive and readable fashion) without effecting the present content.

3.) What the new book is about

--> Parallel Worlds is a fantasy novel about adolescents living in a world not too far removed from our own who, throughout the course of the novel, discover hidden truths about themselves and about humanity, and uncover the secrets behind human existence.

---->Note: As mentioned, this book is co-authored by my mother, Heather Noell, and myself. In addition, Parallel Worlds is already finished, story-wise; a fact that lends itself well to serial novel-ry.

3.) The reason I haven't posted much at all these past few months

--> Primarily, this has been a result of my being, at different times, penniless, homeless, and, (most egregiously) computerless.

4.) The time frame for new Fallout 101 chapters

--> As soon as I finish Parallel Worlds (again, that will be posted in its entirety for you to read), production of Fallout 101 chapters will resume, so long as I am able to find the support/funding that I need. (And I believe things will work out, as I have been informed by a benefactor that there will be support so long as Parallel Worlds does well, which I think it will.)

Thank you, and I wish all of you the best in your own endeavors,

Andrew Macauley

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