Welcome to Fallout 101, my work-in-progress novel about humanity, technology, and human error. (And cliches, apparently.)

Seeing as how this is a non-traditional format for a novel, I thought I'd quickly point out how this site works:

-Every Sunday, a new chapter is posted in the "Chapters" section of the table of contents.

-Under the "Journals" section, you will be able to find secondary character's journals and first-person accounts of their lives. None of these will be essential to understanding the main storyline; rather, they are intended to color the world. Sometimes, a journal may be posted in lieu of a new chapter.

-If you want a quick look at what you'll be getting into, click "Dust Jacket" for an excerpt from a later chapter of Fallout 101 that demonstrates the overall feel that I am going for with the story.

-The purpose of the last section, titled "World Encyclopedia", is to organize the various articles I have written about the technology, politics, and people of the world of Fallout 101, into one (very geeky) place. My biggest hope is that the story will be fun to read, but in addition, I am making sure to stick to realism wherever the plot allows, and a big part of that is finding real world counterparts (in experiments or prototypes) for all of the technology in Fallout 101. This is the best place to examine those particular parallels (and the occasionally apocryphal articles that inspired them).

-And to start reading from the beginning, click here: Fallout 101 Prologue

Finally, I would like to acknowledge for making this website available through the blog section of their eBook reading device, the Kindle. While m
y main goal for is to provide a delightful reading experience for all who love a good story, I am taking special care to make sure that the content I provide is as enjoyable as possible for all Kindle subscribers. To read more about the Kindle, and how you can subscribe to Fallout 101 if you own one, or to comment on how I can make this site better, click here.

Thank you for your support, and I do hope you enjoy the story.

--Andrew Macauley

i. Don't hesitate to leave well thought out comments about things. Compliments in any state of grammatical disrepair are welcome as well.

ii. This novel is being released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License. This means you are free to share (copy, distribute, display, and perform) this book as long as you leave the attribution (author credit) intact, make no modifications, and do not profit from its distribution. For complete license information visit

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