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January 9th, 2036. A man sits alone, his worn features bathed in the soft light of an oil lamp. He dandles a pistol on his knee restlessly, writing with his free hand. It is an explanation. Or maybe a lament. He reads it again. A final testament. 

Folding the note into three parts, he slides it into a yellowed envelope. At least they will know it was him when he dies:

Humanity is not a collective of flesh and firing neurons; nor is it the consequence of species. Humanity is not the content of a single person's word or even deed. It transcends language and thought.  It is where we began. Someday, it is where we will end. 

When I dreamt, my dreams would leave me dark and empty. Worlds not so far from mine showed me the true promise of our kind—artists, lovers, dreamers... Gods and Goddesses creating in lives unbound. Freed of money. Freed of prejudice. Full of love. 

Then I would awake to see them, sleeping still. Trudging from box to metal tube to box and back again, unaware of the beauty deep inside. Drowning in apathy. Too tired to contemplate the truth of their existence. Too weak to fight the lies they had been convinced of.

I needed to see them as they appeared in my dreams. I needed them to see the truth of who they were. So I did what anyone would do... I built a new world.

Now it is only a matter of time... 

The truth cannot hide from them forever.

Fallout 101 is a serial novel. Currently, it is being distributed solely through the Amazon Kindle (click here for details) and fallout101.com in weekly installments. 

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